RETURN OF THE LODGE 8 inch 2 qt L8C03 Dutch Oven

I was pleasantly surprised to see Lodge is once again producing the 8 inch, 2 qt, L8C03, Camp Dutch Oven.

I have 3 of these smaller camp style Dutch Ovens.   One unmarked, and 2 Lodge marked.  I had picked all of them up in the past.  New then, they were selling for around $39.00.  Then Lodge started revamping their foundry and these were suddenly discontinued.

As with anything you can’t get, someone is willing to pay to secure one.  At the highest I saw them new in the box, listed on eBay for $125.00.

These smaller Lodge are some of my most coveted pieces of cookware.  I normally solo camp.  They are perfect for that, or for two people.  I would even stretch and say they would accommodate cooking for 4.

Try our lasagna recipe that works perfect and fills it to the brim.

Do you need to only bake a half dozen homemade biscuits?  How about a small cake, or deep dish apple pie?  The L8C03 handles it with less food waste and fewer charcoal briquettes.   Less space and weight for your vehicles or small camping trailers.



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