WOOD STOVE Bridge Beach No 148-18

The owner of this Wood Stove Bridge Beach is looking for more information.

 Wood Stove Bridge Beach
No 148-18

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Wood Stove Bridge Beach
Wood Stove Bridge Beach Photo courtesy of Curtis Thornton

We always find personal family history fascinating.  When they are shared with photo’s that are sent to us.  These stories often give us insight to an era and experiences,  none of us have never known.

Curtis writes;

I’ve recently inherited a Bridge, Beach & Co wood stove. It has four burners and is a Carbon model. The unit indicates “No 148-18”.

My Great Grand Father passed in the 1980’s around 95 years old. He was a carpenter by trade and built a one room house in his back yard for the purpose of his daily naps. He built the bed, rocking chairs and most everything else in the little house.

This Bridge, Beach oven cooked holiday hams and turkeys on occasion as well as providing heat for the house.

I’ll be installing the stove in my wood shop in the coming weeks. Just looking for any information on the unit.