PARTNER Camp Stove

We were excited to see our new Partner Steel propane stove being delivered today (Feb 2014). We have two objectives happening here. The first is totally selfish in nature. We just plain wanted a new stove. After years of using another common brand we wanted to move into a 4 burner unit that has independent valves for each individual burner. We have tired of the master and slave type 2 burner stove.

Our other objective is to give a gear report on the Partner Steel Co stove. We purchased this directly and paid the full price. This will be a non-biased opinion. We hope to return to this article from time to time and update here after we put the unit to some heavy use.

We have been eying one of these the past 2 years. The Partner Steel products are favorites with River Rafting Companies, Outfitters, and Off-roaders.   The type of adventures that demand rugged gear.  We also wanted a stove that could handle lots of abuse.

We purchased the 4 burner 18 inch wide stove. We are often involved in group events, river trips, and cook-offs, so we wanted more than 2 burners…..and of course independently controlled burners.

Per the Partner Steel website, their stoves are made from high grade aluminum, and are hand welded at several points. The grills are stainless steel and the gas manifolds are Brass. This model comes with a gas regulator and “Y” hose.

If you end up contacting them please let them know you read it here.

We opted for the stove only. We didn’t order a stand, or the wind shield that actually fits to the stand, and not the stove, of this model.

We are happy with the fact all the knobs and fuel hose fittings are recessed. The unit folds in half, and is latched with a heavy duty spring loaded latch. When closed for transport the dimensions are 18x12x6.75 inches. There is a heavy duty carrying handle attached for easy carrying.

We fired up the 4 burners and brought some water up to boil. We were pleased with how fast the water boiled. Each single burner produces 10,000 BTU.

We set up on a plastic folding table to see if the bottom would heat up and melt the table. With our testing it did not get hot enough to cause damage. We are not recommending plastic as your stove supporting cook surface. We continue to test this further. We assume with 4 burners blazing away, and pots restricting heat flow, plastic might become an issue? We will try to report on our findings after we have a chance to put the unit through multiple real life situations.

We ordered this over the phone on a Friday. The following Tuesday UPS was dropping the stove at our door. We were certainly impressed with their shipping!

Please follow-up on the blog, or drop us an email if you are interested in our further testing and use of this product.

Now we are looking for our next outdoor cooking gig!

An update to the original posting. We had assumed the stove came standard with a break apart hinge.  This type of hinge allows you to arrange the burners 4 wide instead of the square configuration shown. Researching more we think this break apart hinge may be an option? We emailed the company to see if it is an option or our ignorance on how to break it apart. More to come on this subject.

We ordered the 2 new “take apart” type hinges. After calling they were willing to exchange the stove and provide one already set up. We thought that was great customer service. But we opted not to pay the postage both ways to exchange the stoves and purchased the 2 break apart hinges for $26.

We removed the piano type hinge and installed the new “take apart” hinges. All works well. We really like the feature that allows us to arrange the burners with 4 in line. We recommend when ordering a stove to make sure you get these hinges already installed. You can simply fold open the stove and have 2 burners in each half, in a square format. Or slide the 2 halves apart, rotate the 2 halves 90° and have four burners laid out inline 4 wide.

We had an opportunity to run the stove through a real life test today (2/22/2014). These burners are much hotter than what I am used to and they heat up water quickly. We also used the unit directly on top of a folding plastic table with no problems what so ever. The heavy gauge aluminum case can take a beating. It is designed in such a way the knobs and LP Connectors or recessed inside to protect them from being bumped or damaged.

We have since added Brass Caps that screw over the LP Male input connections.  This keeps any dirt and dust out.

Update March 12, 2014 We fabricated a “windscreen” out of commonly available material. Easy to construct using a hand hacksaw, a drill, and a metal file. Minimal work involved. The windscreen can be used for a camp stove, or Dutch Oven cooking table depending on the configuration.

Follow the link for the DIY Windscreen.

Update 10/6/2014 We have used this stove many times while cooking on a plastic folding table (Lifetime Brand table). We have had all 4 burners blazing away with pots and wind screens constricting air flow. We have had no problems with damage or warping of the plastic table. Table quality and brand may be a further concern. We would like to hear reports from other users.

Update 4/18/2017 Still going strong with lots of use and abuse. No negative issues to mention. We did add some brass caps to the threaded LP intake connections to keep dirt out of the burner intakes. The 2017 season is already in full swing with the stove still providing great service.

Update 10/25/2017 This was a few years in the making. An idea rattling around on how to fabricate a simple stove leveler. For use on uneven picnic table surfaces. On a camping trip September 2017 the thoughts came together. Common parts and easy to fabricate. Follow the link for Stove Leveler.

About the Author: Rick Beach has been cooking for over 45 years. Much of the cooking done in the outdoors.

“If you want to add the years Mom used sifting and measuring cornmeal as a baby sitter, while she herself was baking…then its even longer”!

Equally at home using the conveniences of a modern day kitchen, or outside cooking over coals from a campfire. An accomplished Dutch Oven cook as well as cooking and setting up for 100+ person events.

While many recipes might be handed down family favorites, others are new personal recipes that have been created over the years.

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