For cast iron tagging [Not talking Food Contents] we use brass tags (stamped)….and passing on a hint from a friend. Come up with a code system. Make a tag for the bottom. and a tag for the lid.  It is highly recommended you tag your cooking items if cooking in competition or large gatherings. It helps avoid your valuables from walking away, or a conflict if someone moves your utensils, lids, lifters, etc.  We tag our lid lifters, stainless serving spoons, trivets, etc.

Shown in the image is a tagged trivet.

As you accumulate cast iron you also don’t want to mismatch your lids and bottoms.  Often a matched pair when purchased together, fit together better.  Tagging with a code system helps you quickly match up your sets.

A code example
LAST NAME or initials

Your last name makes for easy identification at Dutch Oven Gatherings.
8DO A in this case is the top and bottom tag for your first 8 inch,  Dutch Oven, with A designating the first in your 8 inch Dutch Oven series. Both top and bottom tags need to match.

If you purchased a second Dutch Oven and it is also an 8 inch those next two tags would be 8DO B

Your first 10 inch skillet might be 10SK A, and its lid tagged the same.

We collect Cast Iron Cookware and have an extensive collection of Skillets.  With that comes other information we would like to retain after doing research on many vintage pieces.  We are working on our own system for that.
Name  (our last name – could be initials)
What it is + Sequence Code  (10 Inch Skillet)
Foundry  (i.e.  Lodge, BSR, Griswold, Wagner)
Era or Circa  (i.e.  1920, 1940-1950, Mid 1900’s, etc)

The Tag might look like:
Name or Initials [Name/Initials in case items are used in a cooking event]
10SK A  [10 inch Skillet first in a sequence]
LODGE  [Foundry or Manufacturer]
1940S   [Era or Circa the 1940’s]

We prefer the round 1 3/8 inch Brass tags and 1 1/4 inch split rings. You can get a set of metal stamping letters/numbers at Harbor Freight for about $15-25.

We buy the tags and rings off the internet verses locally. Locally they are expensive. Bought in lots of 100,  when we get enough people in our cooking group wanting tags made to cover the cost.

We then split the costs per unit. We did that a a year or so ago.  We went through 200 rather quickly.

At current prices [December 2018] that amounts to about $0.70 each, for one tag including one split ring. That price would only be available for a meet up at one of our get together/camp outs or Dutch Oven gathering.  No mail type delivery at that price.   If you can find them locally in that price range you should snag them.

1 3/8 inch diameter brass tag
1 1/4 inch diameter split ring

They make smaller/cheaper tags & rings, but we do not prefer them.  You will run out of room attempting to code them.

The last go around we were charging an additional $0.50 per tag to do the stamping for those within our local group that had no access to stamping tools.  Harbor Freight has the stamping set for around $15-$25?  Or we can bring stamps, anvil, and sledge, for those that want to stamp their own.

We were selling them retail, stamped for $2.50 each [tag & ring]. Plus Postage if someone wanted them mailed. Tag/Ring Costs have gone up so that would be adjusted to $2.75 [As of December 2018].  That is subject to change without notice based on the current cost of tags & rings.

Mail order costs/charges are on the buyer.  Orders must be prepaid including postage, through Paypal.  Postage has to be USPS Priority only.  We are not responsible for loss through the postal system.  We will provide the tracking number once shipped.  If you want it insured with USPS you must ask for that when prepaying, and pay those additional fees.   There are no refunds or cancels, once tags are stamped.

Contact us via our email for information on ordering and paying through Paypal.

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