SIDNEY Hollow Ware Co.

The Sidney Hollow Ware Co. foundry was in Sidney, Ohio USA.

This company produced cast iron cookware (Hollow ware) from 1888 to 1897.

The earlier or older pieces are Identified with a script Sidney O logo. Others have a Block format that arcs across the bottom with the full name Sidney Hollow Ware.

Wagner Ware bought out Sidney Hollow Ware in 1897

The logo used by Wagner in the Sidney foundry from 1897 to 1903 was Block letters either in an Arc or Straight Centered, but both were in quotes. i.e. “SIDNEY”

These are more rare than Griswold, or the Wagner’s produced beyond this 1903 time frame.

We stumbled across this 10 Skillet and we believe falls into the 1897-1903 era. Technically produced by Wagner, in the Sidney foundry.

Please email us if you can provide us more info on this piece or this foundry.