Hollands is another of the older foundries that seems lost to history as far as internet searches are concerned.

We know several lesser known cast iron pieces exist (Cookware-Pots-Ladles).  Holland Vices are better know.  But details as to dates of manufacture and exactly what was produced over the years, or even exists today, remains vague.

For that reason, any info you can provide us with, may help create a better source of information.

We are going to start with what we can dig up.  Also we are  providing photos of a cast iron pot we have in our hands.

We are making an assumption the info we compile here is all connected to the same foundry.  At least until we can prove otherwise.

Hollands Manufacturing Co. of Erie Pennsylvania

Incorporated in April 14, 1890 (Source: Pittsburgh Daily Post-Posted in paper dated April 15, 1890)

Leading U.S. Vise Manufacturer in the 1900’s.

Hollands was Purchased by Erie Tool Works in 1959.  Erie Tool Works originated in 1876.

Photos of Cast Iron Pieces


Holland # 9 Pot

Circa possible 1890’s to early 1900’s
Value $100-$150

This pot shown is extremely thick walled and thick bottomed.  This pot is a good 1/4 to 3/8th inch thick in all places.

No visible “gate” marks of any kind.

We caution users of such finds to have them tested for lead before using them for food or cooking.  Many of these smaller and heavier pots were used more as crucibles to melt lead for mold pouring,  to produce items such as bullets, cast toys, and sinkers used as fishing tackle.

Holland # 9 Pot
Holland # 9 Pot
Holland # 9 Pot
Holland # 9 Pot