Our mission is to provide a source for getting info and tips on Dutch Oven Cooking.  Our intent is to keep our Facebook Group positive, and non-argumentative.  Public in nature.  Free of the requirement that all posts must first be screened and approved by an admin.

As any Facebook Group grows in membership, so do the problem people.  We are not new to administering large FB groups.  Bad apples can ruin an otherwise very informative group of people.

We have changed this FB Group to “Private” for this very reason (7/2020).  We further changed the Group to “Hidden” 8/12/2020.

If a new FB Group requesting member does not answer the FB Group question of “Do you agree to our rules”?   Or their Profile does not meet our criteria.  Going forward these requests to be added will be “blocked”.  The old way of “not accepting” only generated repeat requests from the same profile.

Our Acceptance guidelines for approval to join, or remain a member,  (Is Subject to change without notice).  These guidelines have developed reacting to conflicts we have experienced having the group grow.

Since this group often gets 80-100 daily requests to be added as a new member.  Our screening and tolerance of sketchy profiles becomes more and more critical.  All in an effort to keep this group playing together well.  While at the same time not consuming the admins.  We  are here for the love of cooking and people that enjoy each other.  Not someones politics, conflict driven people, and what have you.

Take an honest assessment of your own profile before you attempt to join this group.  If your profile/posts are plastered with political posts, or strong opinions on subjects sure to cause conflict with half the population that thinks differently…..you are simply a conflict generating type person….we don’t want you in this group!  Please do not ask to join!

We foresee the need to possibly “close’ this group from new members in the near future.  Capping our membership at what it is.  This is currently under consideration. (This is due to much of which members never see.  But at great effort and wasted time to admins).

If you request to join this group you are agreeing to adhere to our latest rules.

You can be removed, blocked, or denied acceptance, without warning or explanation.  These rules change from time to time to avoid member complaints and conflicts.

If at any time you feel threatened by someone on Facebook please report directly to Facebook & Law Enforcement if necessary.  Please advise us too, if such a situation ever develops in this group.  But we are only able to remove problem people from this group.  Nothing more

Our Group Rules

These change as unforeseen issues and problem members force us to adjust.

(1) Info, Photos, & Tips must be Subject related only

(2) No Ads, Spam, or Links with the apparent purpose of driving traffic elsewhere.  If you constantly post links to YouTube video’s or similar, that appear to be purposely posted to drive traffic there, you will be removed.

(3) Must Post, and have your Personal Profile posts in the English language.
We do not have the time or funds to monitor member profiles, posts, and comment using translators.

(4) No personal Profiles showing huge memberships in other FB Groups or friends lists.  Or a large percentage of posts that seem to just focus on subjects that seem to trigger confrontations such as,  Politics, Religion, Weapons, Games, etc.

(5) No personal Profiles new to FB, and no track record of posts. (we really screen hard on those under a year old).

(6) No personal Profiles that “Block Admins” (we ban and block profiles found after the fact too)

(7) No personal Profiles that are “private”, secret, vague, recently created, or not otherwise open to the public to view.

(8) No personal Profiles mostly game related, spammy in appearance,  or those without a track record of any related subject content.

(9) No personal Profiles showing offensive materials of any sort.  Which include but not limited to: Porn, Profanity  Excessive posts about Politics, Religious, or Weapons/Guns.  Or derogatory posts/gestures/images/jokes, in any way negative toward any particular classification,.  Or Profiles with posts that FB has flagged as false by fact checkers.  If your profile focuses on these subjects don’t expect to be accepted, or remain in this group.

(10) No Inviting/requesting/referring/adding new members in mass.  Limit your invites to a maximum of two.  Inviting your friends list in mass will  look like a robot program attempting to flood our group.  This will most likely get you blocked, and those you added at any time, past or present, removed and blocked.

Active Members finding Member Posts not adhering to group rules, please IM us immediately. Or flag an admin through the group function.

We provide no explanation or warning to anyone we delete posts, comments, or those that end up banned/blocked.

Anyone reporting something inappropriate, remains anonymous.  Depending on the nature of a complaint the violator may be removed immediately, or after several members complain about the same individual.  We always use a 3 strikes and you are out process.  If you accumulate 3 complaints by the general membership, you will be removed.

We do not tolerate ads/spam, links to other websites, with what appears as the sole purpose of driving traffic to other sites or your own personal site, YouTube, etc.

Someone that comes on and starts posting a string of links, and no personal interaction, seems to be the biggest reason for swift removal. These are grounds for immediate blocking and removal from the group.

No offensive, political, religious, derogatory, inappropriate words, inappropriate hand and finger gestures, raciest, or implied derogatory posts of any sort on this group, or what is displayed within your own personal profile.

Remember your personal info is open to everyone in the world.  If our kids or grandmothers shouldn’t be seeing it, you need to remove yourself from our group.

Posting within our group is open (Not needing admin approval). That is once you are an approved member.

If you have your person Profile setting to “Block Admins” you will not be accepted, or removed if found after the fact, whether this setting was intentional or done by accident.

Occasionally someone starts on a subject that is near and dear to their heart…that drifts away from the purpose of this group. There is nothing wrong with that on your own group or page. Ask yourself when you make a post here. Does your Post meet the criteria of the basic things above? Do most the members want to see what you are posting?

Negative posts seem to create arguments. Some people seem to thrive on that. Some always need the last word.  It sometimes destroys a group or the core subject it was originally set up for. If you see that happening on posts you are generating, you need to re-examine your material, or your wording. We highly recommend you delete that posting yourself. Again, that is perfectly OK on your own groups or pages. But it is totally not acceptable in this group.

This group pretty well polices itself.   We thank the thousands of members that currently make up this group!

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