Bridge Beach & Company Parlor Stove “Mona” #15 (Andrew Lindquist)

Andrew submitted this photo of his “find”.  What a beautiful Bridge Beach & Co. Parlor Stove.  Andrew is in Texas, but indicated this stove came from a farm in Nebraska.

He is also hoping someone can direct him to a source that can provide an ornamental “Crown”.  Or confirm this stove model is complete “as is”?

Our website is looking for the era or span of years this may have been manufactured?

You can contact us  through our email with information.  Or any other info you can provide us on this Manufacturer or Stove.

Also you may contact Andrew directly concerning his stove, since he gave us permission to publish his email.

As always we love readers contributions such as this!

This Image ©Andrew Lindquist and posted here with his permission
Andrew Lindquist – Plano, Texas