About Us:  Our original venture was in on-line retail under the name of Topogear.  That name and trademark was sold off some years later.  We then officially became TOPONAUTIC , after also using that name.  We still operate providing free content though we no longer have a retail presense.

We wouldn’t exist without the generous donations of Photos,  Recipes, and Articles from like minded chefs, friends, and followers.  We also appreciate the generosity of those behind the scenes that put this all together, and tend the coals, so to speak.

This site and associated social media accounts are all built and maintained with donated labor, money, and material.  This includes donated expenses for domain fee’s, software, server space, and so on.

Follow us, and also get involved in local Dutch Oven Cooking events. Join a group or start a group of Dutch Oven Cooks.  Events open to the public are posted periodically at locations across North America.  We do encourage other countries to join in, but do ask that posts and comments are in the English language.  We do not have the time or funds to screen or vett postings using translators.  If nothing else, gather a couple of friends and start cooking in your backyard.

We, along with a core group of friends, personally cook in competition events around the Las Vegas, Nevada area.  In addition to that, we have a group of Dutch Oven Cooks that also love camping.  This group tends to meet up roughly once a month throughout the year.  Our events  always involve at least one potluck meal.  It might be at a campground for several days,  one of the City Parks for the day, or a members backyard.  We are always open to new members or people passing through on vacation.   Watch for Event Posts.

Event organizers can send us your event info.  We will post them for free if they are Dutch Oven Cooking, Cook-offs, or generally Outdoor related.  Get the exposure, grow your attendance.  We need images in JPG format.

Don’t miss out on recipes and cooking techniques provided by some outstanding cooks.  Check back here often since our information is ever changing.

Are you new to cast iron cooking?  Don’t be shy.  Ask opinions of people with decades of experience cooking for fun and competition.  Better yet, team up with some in real life, and get some true hands on coaching.

Are you interested in cookbooks?  We plan to release one at some future date.  Our vision is to feature recipes and photos sent to us by our readers.  Name credits will accompany any that are published.   We will also be featuring them here on this site.   Be sure to submit your tried and tested recipes.  Only those that carry your stamp of approval.  These must be your original or tweaked versions of existing recipes.  Our hope is to offer the books to our published donators, at publishing and shipping costs.  Then sell off the remaining stock to anyone else at a more retail price.

By submitting media material to us (Photos, Recipes, Articles, Etc.), you agree,  and you give us permission and all rights to post, to alter, and to reproduce in any form, and all other forms of media, without any compensation, or implied compensation.  Your electronic submission is considered to be your electronic signature, and electronic acceptance of these policies.

When our Facebook Group topped 3000 members we decided to turn up an associated website February 2017 to better serve our needs of retaining files, articles, and photos for all to access.