About the Author

About the Author: A fellow Cast Iron lover, vintage cookware collector, and Dutch Oven Cook.  Sharing thoughts, techniques, and decades of cooking experience.

With some experience, I feel most people can cook over charcoal, or coals of a campfire, just as easily as cooking in a modern kitchen.  Its all about heat management.  That comes easy with experience.

I retired as a Data Circuit Engineering Manager.  A specialty in the Telecommunication world.  Designing high bandwidth fiber optic networks and the like.   Much of what is referred to today as the Internet Backbone, or the interconnecting backbone that serves cellular towers.

During my off time while still working a paying job,  I had always attempted to spend as much time outdoors as possible.  Now retired, I enjoy the outdoors even more so.

I started dabbling with websites about the time I retired.  I even had a joint business venture with my son.  A web presence “on-line retail” for several years.  We went the whole route including trademarking.   That name and trademark was sold off some years ago.

The software application of all of this website structuring is still relatively new to me.   Even several years down that road.  It certainly doesn’t come without a struggle.  Code is a learning issue, like trying to learn a new language.  But as with any second language, things  come easier with experience and constant use. 

When leaving the business world I wanted to remain current and even advance my knowledge.  Now I simply provide free content on-line.  The whole effort and associated labor has become a hobby that I enjoy.

My real passion is spending time outdoors, outdoor photography, and traveling.  With that lifestyle, it always seems to include outdoor cooking.  I wish I had the time and the talent to effectively share all the experiences I have had over a lifetime.  From backpacking trips to the bottom of the Grand Canyon, to traipsing jungle paths in Thailand.

With combined site visits of well over several million views.  A very successful blog site on the outdoors in general (TOPONAUTIC).  Plus accumulating a large membership following on our Dutch Oven social media group.  We decided to dedicate a website just on Dutch Oven Cooking.   A site we hope will appeal to the beginner, and expert alike.

One of the joys I find revolving around cooking.   Is competing in Dutch Oven Cook-offs.  Also  instructing those new to the cast iron cooking world.  Lastly a passion for collecting and cooking with vintage cast iron cookware.

The collecting bug really hit hard.  It starts easy enough.  Like many, I started with a garage sale “find” I couldn’t pass up.  Certain specialty pieces I paid full retail.  Some are gathering dust in the garage, while other pieces of cast iron are actively used in “Cook-off Competitions”, and in my home kitchen setting. 

I lost count of the skillets I have collected.  Years ago, that count exceeded 125.  Then there is a slew of Dutch Ovens, Corn Stick Pans, Bread Loaf Pans, Muffin Pans, and more.  Some modern, but many vintage.

You will find me traveling the western part of the USA cooking,  camping, and backpacking.  Some of the cooking is for the love and fun of it.  Other times it is hard core competition with Dutch Oven friends or “soon to be friends”. 

Image: Rick Beach Backpacking Havasu Falls area of the Grand Canyon. Arizona – USA 

Though not always blessed with a competition win, there have been trophy’s and prizes taken along the way.

Friends are always collected during travels and cooking events.  They are like fine vintage cast iron cookware.  Though some may be rusty around the edge, or properly seasoned and seemingly without flaws.  I find they are more valuable than any trinket trophy you will ever earn in any endeavor you may pursue.  Cooking and laughing with friends is the best form of living.  The best medicine you will ever find to cure your ills.

The greatest joy to a cast iron cook, is showing techniques and skills to someone new to the cast iron world.  Such a great feeling to see them catch the passion and fire.  Knowing you inspired them to start on the road to becoming a great Dutch Oven Cook.

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